pjs doudoune femme The August Summit Forum held in Changsha net vestes parajumpe
  • yuanserhdyuanserhd October 2013

          with the netizen "guerrilla" crisis era

          some people have described the changes of public relations crisis era: the past is the enterprise and the media to combat, the age of the pjs doudoune femme Internet, it is an enterprise with the huge number of netizens to fight a guerrilla war, do not know where they lie, don't know when they come out of shot put. >

          these problems, in August 17th held the first "enterprise network public relations crisis summit forum", will be the most famous website -- Sina, Baidu, Tianya, red -- behind the "big brothers" are to answer.

          "love and hate", used to describe the attitude of enterprises on the Internet the most accurate however, establish a brand, it may vestes parajumpers take a great effort and patience, with the arrival of the era of the Internet crisis 2, a small negative rumors, are likely to form a fatal blow to the brand.

          in fact, this is not a person in battle, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released in July statistical report, the first half of this year, the number of Internet users in China exceeded 300000000, ranked first in the world. What these 3 people pays close attention to most? How to make them happy? How to avoid them veste parajumpers threw stones?

          ultra six enterprise negative information from Internet

          in June 19th this year, CCTV morning show "Morning News" the content of the day, is the most popular online video, because the weather process of the show, can vaguely heard someone on the phone voice, lasted about ten seconds of time.

          this is called "telephone gate" CCTV error video, with the previous "makeup door", "door" shorts ", yawning gate", on the Internet has been enlarged, net friends crazy repeat viewing video content, to distinguish the phone.

          CCTV one thousand correct, by the netizen attention as the wrong one, some experts concluded, fault finding, is one of the favourite activity. The United States "sales and marketing" a report also shows, the enterprise 66% negative reports from network. Diffusion of negative information than positive information to spread rapidly -- people "curiosity" heart, plus network "grassroots", adding network "push", makes the enterprise once the negative information, will form the diffusion trend of rapid on the internet.

          "nail households" fail, "tiger" is knocked down, "Sanlu" was exposed, "Jia Jun Peng" spring into fame...... Due to the same person: the netizen.

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