louboutin homme JWT Shanghai won Chaoyang tire brand communication alexa mulber
  • yuanserhdyuanserhd March 2014

    "this year is the year of Chaoyang tire brand. In 2013, we focus mainly to brand building. Chose JWT, we see is the rich brand management experience, and the integration of marketing ideas and skills, "Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber deputy general manager Ge Guorong said. "We look forward to working louboutin homme with JWT cooperation can create success,

    Chaoyang tires, appoint JWT Shanghai responsible for brand communication services, enhance the brand in domestic and overseas markets influence to help them.

    to achieve leapfrog development brand."

    JWT Shanghai in China has a deep foundation of the local customers, including Yili, technology companies instrument holding (INESA), fashion brand Lily. At present, the brand Lily is JWT's help, the development of brand and enhance brand awareness -- this is the appeal of alexa mulberry Chaoyang tyre. In addition, JWT Shanghai also has digital marketing powerful, once through digital activities help build and Chinese consumers, Sophie, HSBC and other major suit Starbucks customers closely.

    "in 2012, Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber is among the world's ten largest tire manufacturer in technology, productivity and market strength. We will make full use of its rich experience in building Chinese brands, help Chaoyang tyre break international tire brand dominant position in the Chinese market, "JWT Shanghai managing director Li Wei (Eric Lee) said.

    Chaoyang tyre under the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., Ltd., is China's largest tire manufacturer. The company aims to break the monopoly of China International tire brand high-end passenger tire market. In the course of 50 years of development, Chaoyang tyre has been to truck tire market reputation. In recent years, the company began to pay attention to the passenger car tire market.

    hopes that the powerful market influence, and further enhance the brand image, and then enter the high-end market. JWT will help Chaoyang tires to build a five year brand development plan, make full use of the new media advantage in the plane, television and radio and other traditional marketing at the same time, to create the history of the development of the first integrated marketing activities for the Chaoyang tyre.

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