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  • jinjin December 2015

    Elderly fall victim to pandora sterling silver charms clearance string of distraction burglaries throughout Central PA

    Regional Police Detectives say the burglar comes to your home and
    offers a lawn service. While you are distracted, another burglar makes
    his way into your home and robs you of cash, jewelry and personal
    belongings. Police are investigating an incident earlier this month in
    Shrewsbury. It happened on Virginia Avenue. The victim is 78 year old
    Shirley Swam. One burglar lured her to Pandora 2016 her backyard pandora murano glass beads wholesale and recommended a tree trimming service. That when another person ran into her bedroom, stole $1000, rings and a bracelet.

    Dan Teague says there a reason why victims are around the same age.
    elderly seem to be trusting, a lot of times, people believe they doing
    right a lot of people believe Pandora 2016 Charms the elderly have some money saved up and keep it in their house. says there are pandora murano glass beads wholesale
    measures to take so you don fall victim. He says, somebody comes to the
    door you weren expecting and claim to be from a business, are they in
    uniform? ID? A work vehicle? If something seems suspicious with their
    story, by all means call us right away. describe the suspect as a white
    or Hispanic female in her mid twenties. She had a male with her. They
    were driving a large white GMC SUV.

    Teague says the burglaries
    have most recently taken place in Springfield Township, York County,
    Ephrata, Lancaster County and Baltimore County. State Police are also
    investigating some of the crimes. If you have any information you asked
    to contact your local police department.

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