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  • jinjin December 2015

    Eliminating hazardous toys

    Under normal circumstances American
    consumers seem to have little clout against powerful special interests
    in Washington. Industries fend off proposed regulations by spending
    millions of dollars on lobbying efforts and campaign donations.
    Consumers are often stuck with the consequences without having much say
    in the process.Miraculously, consumers scored a rare major victory on
    Capitol Hill on Monday when House and Senate negotiators agreed to
    support a compromise bill to ban from children's toys hazardous lead and
    certain phthalates, chemical compounds used in plastics to make them
    flexible. The legislation, which has the support of toy manufacturers
    and retailers but is opposed by the powerful chemical industry, still
    needs to be passed by Congress and signed by President Bush, who has
    opposed a ban.But the fact the bill got this far, despite a multimillion
    dollar campaign by phthalate manufacturer Exxon Mobil to fight it, says
    a lot about the seriousness of exposing children to potentially lethal
    products such as lead. This nations' woeful product safety net was
    exposed last year with massive recalls of Chinese made toys and pandora murano glass beads wholesale costume jewelry containing the metallic substance.In addition to thepandora earrings mix and matchcrackdown
    on the toxins, the legislation would provide more funding for the
    Consumer Product Safety Commission to improve its oversight of
    manufacturers and maintain a database of health related complaints about
    products. Also, toys designed for children would go through mandatory
    testing.It is unfathomable that such testing is not mandated, but that
    simply proves the clout chemical companies have wielded in Washington
    all these years. Yet parents have Pandora 2016
    every reason to expect that when they come home with a toy, it will not
    put their children in the hospitalOur only regret with the legislation
    is that most of the provisions would not take effect until after the
    next holiday shopping season. But we hope the bill, if it becomes law,
    sends a message to chemical companies that product safety is not a
    subject they should take lightly.

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