cabas vanessa bruno Withdrawal from South Korea after WAL-MART Carr alexa mulber
  • yuanserhdyuanserhd April 2014

    to open stores in China to become the top priority in

    therefore, an unnamed insiders think, some famous international supermarkets have settled in Guangzhou, to open a new store words, Guangzhou market can provide natural space, not more than Chinese inland "virgin land" city. (reporter cabas vanessa bruno Zhou Fang)

    expansion more aimed


    the mainland market

    at the same time, just from the South Korean market WAL-MART will also look at China, "last year we in China opened 13 stores, plans to open 20 new home this year." WAL-MART public relations Miss Huang told reporters, as of the alexa mulberry end of 2005, WAL-MART in the first-tier cities store distribution -- in addition to Shenzhen 11 stores and 3 stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing shop, Guangzhou city is still blank, so the "WAL-MART development space in China is quite large".

    not only so, WAL-MART in Guangzhou has no stores, 20 stores this year plan also fails to take into account Guangzhou. In Guangzhou only a store of metro, also put into the Guangzhou as a "to be very careful": "we are one point one points to climb into the Guangzhou!"

    however, the fierce competition for the Guangzhou market, the giants still seems very cautious. "Headquarters not to open new store in Guangzhou plans." Carrefour Southern China District Public Affairs Manager Zhao Wei said.

    "Chinese economy to grow so quickly, the retail industry in from date is no loss, and performance to rise year by year." The retail giant agreed in an interview, "we have no reason not to seek more development in china."

          following the Carrefour last month after defeat South Korea, the world's largest retailer WAL-MART announces 22 days, formally withdrew from the Korean market. An interview with reporters yesterday that, the two giants in China this year are planning to open 20 new stores in Guangzhou, and there is louboutin homme no new store opening plan.

    "this year for Carrefour, China is the focus of the market is very important." Carrefour China Department Public Relations Manager Wang Xiaozhong disclosed to reporters yesterday, Carrefour plans to adjust the global investment plan in years, focusing on investment in China, to give up and accordingly the Korean market. It is understood, Carrefour last year has been open 16 new stores in China this year, at least will open 20 new stores.

    reporter learned that, in 23 days this month, Carrefour in Shenzhen opened a new store, the end of this year to open 2 new stores. But in Guangzhou, Carrefour only sands shop, such as the village of 5 stores this year, but will not have the new store opened.

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