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  • jinjin January 2016

    Henderson glass and bead studio gives artists a space to work

    "You get to see what you pandora beads and charms
    created for the first time," Hayes said. "You never know how it turned
    out."Hayes and partner Linda Host are offering the same experience to
    other bead and glass makers at their new studio, Tru Art Glass Studio,
    520 W. Sunset Road.The studio allows other artists to work without
    worrying about having a place to store their products or buying all the
    equipment right away.Hayes started bead making in California."I used to
    sew custom saddle pads for horses," Hayes said.Hayes started adding
    beadwork to the pandora rings jewelry sale
    saddle pads. One day while exploring online auction company eBay, she
    came across a kit that would allow her to make beaded jewelry at home."I
    didn't realize anyone could do this," Hayes said.Hayes developed a
    following with her work that continued even after she moved to Henderson
    to be closer to family.Hayes had worked out of her garage for the past
    five years developing different types of glass art and beaded jewelry.A
    few years later, Host, who also pandora charms and bracelets
    is a bead maker, contacted Hayes about working together.The two began
    talking about opening a space where artists could work."It would be more
    of a co op type place," Hayes said. "The money we made would go back to
    the building or to buy equipment."The place they had in mind would
    allow artists to have a month to month membership that allows them to
    come in and use the pandora valentines day collection 2016
    equipment Hayes and Host had."That way, people don't have to purchase
    equipment or spend several thousand dollars just to try out (a new
    hobby)," Hayes said. "They might end up buying their own equipment or
    realizing they don't like it. This way, they can try it out."The back of
    Tru Art Glass Studio is a studio space with tools, equipment and an
    area for artists to work in, while the front of the shop is set up to
    sell merchandise with beaded work made by Hayes and Host and other
    glasswork from local artists.Hayes said she has a 15 percent consignment
    fee for artists who want to set up work in the studio."I have had
    studios approach me who want a 40 percent consignment fee," Hayes Pandora Jewelry Sale
    said.Hayes added that it's hard for an artist who wants to set up a
    booth or be a vendor at an art show and is expected to pay a $400 vendor
    fee."You have to worry about breaking even or even if you can make any
    money," Hayes said.The space at Tru Art Glass Studio is designed not to
    take money from the artists or burden them with large fees to set up
    their displays.In addition to offering a space, Host said, they hope to
    offer classes so the artists can expand their skills."We want to
    schedule demonstrations so people can learn and we can learn new stuff
    ourselves," Host said.Hayes said that when she was at the Henderson
    Heritage Parade and Festival in April, she met a woman who makes
    Ukrainian eggs. She hopes to have the woman teach members how to make
    the eggs.

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