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    Henderson to seek new Chamber of Commerce leader

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    hereHome Life Community OrganizationsPosted May 27, 2011 3:14pmHenderson
    to seek new Chamber of Commerce leaderIn nearly 25 years, Henderson
    Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Alice Martz, 65, has watched the
    Henderson business community grow stronger and thrive."I never saw it as
    going to work, I saw it as going to have fun," Martz said. "I guess
    that's why I lasted so long."Martz announced in April that she would
    retire from the chamber, leaving a legacy that has gained her many
    accolades from colleagues, co workers and the business community."She
    brought the chamber into the 21st century," said Rebecca Fay, pandora rings jewelry sale foundation administrator for the Henderson Business Resource pandora valentines day collection 2016
    Center. "For more than 20 years, she has poured her blood, sweat and
    tears into it. It's her baby."Martz started working at the chamber when
    she moved from Italy to Henderson 25 years ago with her husband, who was
    in the military ."She has been at the chamber longer than I've been on
    the (City) Council," said Mayor Andy Hafen, a colleague who serves on
    the chamber board.Martz has served through four mayors.When Gary
    Johnson, former chamber president, decided to retire 14 years ago, he
    asked pandora charms and bracelets
    Martz to step into the role."He said, 'Alice, you can do this job, so
    I'm leaving it in your hands,' " Martz said. "I thought I was going to
    be the interim (president) while we did a search. But the next board
    meeting rolled around, and I was it. I said to myself, 'You've pandora valentines day collection 2016
    been presented with the job, so now you better do the job.' I just
    moved forward and did it."In her 14 years as president and CEO , Martz
    has watched the chamber evolve."We used to be the place people can go to
    get everything they needed to know about business," Martz said. "Now
    you can get that all online (without having to come in)."Before, the
    chamber was more of an events chamber that helped at events such as
    parades.After a workshop in early 2000, the chamber decided to switch
    its focus to be more of a business chamber, focusing on networking for
    organizations, business pandora rings on sale
    resources and growth opportunities.Martz holds no regrets or missed
    opportunities, just years of highlights."We have created a lot of
    successful programs," Martz said.One of the programs Martz is proudest
    of during her years as president is Leadership Henderson, a civic
    organization that further develops community leaders that was started in
    2000."I remember five years ago, she took me to lunch," Fay said. "She
    told me I was going to be the new director of Leadership Henderson
    before I even made up my mind. She is a hard person to say no to because
    she is such an iconic person in Henderson. She has been a great mentor,
    and I owe my last five years of experience to her."To people's
    surprise, Martz announced her retirement in April."It's time for a new
    chapter in my life," Martz said.Even though it is hard for her to leave
    the chamber, Martz knows now is the time to move on ."I'll miss it
    because it has been my baby for almost 25 years," Martz said. "I want to
    be able to pick and choose what I want to do."Martz said her staff was
    shocked when she made the announcement."They said, 'Why didn't you tell
    us, because we would have talked you out of it," Martz said. "That's
    exactly why I didn't tell anyone."

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