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    About Canadian jewelry designer Dean Davidson

    Featured time and
    again in the pages of celebrated fashion and style magazines such as
    Vogue US, Vogue Italia, Harper's Bazaar, InStyle and Esquire, Canadian
    jewelry designer Dean Davidson brings chic sophistication with edge to
    everything he does.

    Dean Davidson began getting noticed for his
    innovative designs in his early twenties. He launched his jewelry brand
    in 2007. A trip to Africa and the adornment of the local culture
    initially inspired Dean. He designed a capsule collection for designer
    Paul Hardy and the rest is history; or, for Dean Davidson, the future.
    Using materials of Pandora 2016 Charms sterling silver, 18 karat gold and semi precious gemstones, Dean has created pandora rings valentines day an elegant aesthetic with an attentiveness towards femininity and subtle everyday pandora valentine's day charms beauty. The luxurious brushed finish seen on many pieces is signature DEAN DAVIDSON.

    use him, editors choose him and women wear him Jennifer Hudson, Iman,
    Jessica Alba and Sophia Vergara are just a few of his many notable fans.
    pandora bracelets silver Prestigious retailers such as Holt Renfrew, Harvey Nichol's, Fred Segal and Henry Bendell all now carry the DEAN Pandora Charms Clearance DAVIDSON collection.

    Davidson collaborated with Ebay Canada to launch a new jewelry
    collection just in time for Valentine, Ebay Valentine's Collective. The
    collection will be available exclusively on Ebay starting with January
    15th 2013 till February 28th 2013, or until supplies last. She loves her
    financial job, but her biggest passion is fashion. "I love to do
    finance, but I also love to write fashion," she says about herself. She
    lives in Toronto with her husband and son.

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