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  • jinjin January 2016

    Custom Made Jewelry

    Custom made jewelry is a booming home business for those who have a creative streak and the ability to do finely Pandora Jewelry 70% Off Clearance
    detailed work. Bead jewelry is especially easy to do, and requires no
    large investment, nor specialized skills such as engraving. A pair of
    needle nosed pliers, pandora valentine's day rings a wire cutter and perhaps a fine drill are all you need to get started.

    Sell Custom Made Jewelry Online

    problem with small creative businesses like custom made jewelry has
    always been how to get your work seen, especially if you're living in
    small town Kansas or northern Vermont. These days, however, the Internet
    is available to almost anyone who might want to buy jewelry. Your first
    step is to set up a really well designed website. If you don't have the
    computer skills to do this yourself, hire an expert. It won't matter pandora murano glass beads wholesale how attractive your jewelry is if your website isn't.

    or have taken some very clear and nicely arranged digital photos of
    your work, and then write your text. Again, it's a good idea to at least
    have it proofread and edited by someone knowledgeable. Your text may be
    as personal or as straightforward as you wish, but be sure to talk
    about creating pieces to order in addition to the designs you've done

    Set yourself up with a good place to work, where pandora 2016 collection
    your supplies need not be disturbed. Invest in some large lots of the
    beads you're most likely to use frequently, such as crystal, pearl or
    precious metals, and start collecting the odd, antique or whimsical
    beads and charms that will give your custom made jewelry its personal
    touch. Then let Pandora Jewelry 70% Off Clearance your imagination take the reins.

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