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    Mills had 2 assists and 0 turnovers in 13 minutes after playing 5 total
    minutes in BU's 12 previous Big 12 games.FREEMAN IS FIRST GUARD OFF BENCH
    Redshirt freshman Al Freeman is typically Baylor's first guard to enter the game
    off the bench. Freeman has led Baylor in bench scoring seven times, and the
    Bears are 7 0 in those games. Freeman has posted double figure scoring off the
    bench 4 times.

    Air Jordan Retro
    (Post Sports Live/The Washington Post)The Nationals began the
    game with all of their regular players in the lineup except for Jayson Werth,
    who was available off the bench; Bryce Harper started in right field instead.The
    Nationals had nothing left to play for in the regular season, and Manager Matt
    Williams's substitutions began in the third inning with Schierholtz replacing
    Denard Span.Once Span's double his 184th hit of the season set a Nationals'
    single season record, Williams had Schierholtz run for him. Harper shifted to
    center field the next inning, and Schierholtz took over in right.Frandsen also
    replaced Anthony Rendon at third base."It's important to give guys rest and get
    them in there to have a couple at bats to get their momentum going and their
    routine going and also to get them out of the game," Williams said."Lots of
    moves and lots of trying to take care of guys at the same time and some tense
    moments when it finally came down to it."By the fifth inning, Scott Hairston
    used primarily as a pinch hitter this season and on a few occasions in left
    field was in right field for the first time all season.1 of 2By the sixth, left
    fielder Ryan Zimmerman and Ramos were the only regulars left. In the eighth,
    Williams put Taylor, considered the best defensive center field prospect in the
    Nationals' minor league system, in the game.

    Air Jordan Retro
    She says that she loves me and she'd never leave me, no matter
    how famous or talented he is, but I don't believe her. I ask her to tell Ernie
    that all this flirting upsets her husband, but she says that I'm being
    ridiculous, and she's not going to say any such thing. I understand her motives.

    Air Jordan 13
    RPM Italian's motto might as well be celebrities, by
    celebrities. River North restaurant co owned by Giuliana and Bill Rancic and
    featured on their E! reality TV show and Bill attracted an impressive celebrity
    clientele this year. And I'm not talking impressive for Chicago, either.

    Air Jordan Retro
    An opportunity to apply the skills I learned during my time at
    university, and to design and build something which can be used in the real
    world, says James Le Hoax, Team Leader of SUFST (Southampton University Formula
    Student Team). Of the biggest challenges in Formula Student is the time scale;
    we start designing the car at the beginning of the academic year in September to
    race the following July. That gives us just over nine months to completely
    design and build a new car..

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