physicality and also cost
  • newyear2017newyear2017 January 2017

    To the strikers, and also Holy Testicle Thursday was this tough. I mean how will you choose from Lewandowski, Aguerro, Ibrahimovic, Suarez, Higuain, Benzema, Aubameyang, Kane, Lacazette, and also Dybala? I opted for Schnapps and plenty of it before dissecting each and every candidate on rate, dribbling, shooting, physicality and also cost.

    After utillsing my own limited abilities together with Excel it swiftly became apparent the average price regarding both Lewandowski AND ALSO Aubameyang together is just about half the FIFA 17 PS4 Coins you'd must buy to merely grab Suarez on your own while they equally offer similar numbers and abilities with the initial choices my own heart wanted, Suarez and also Aguerro. The added extra of both becoming an aerial threat could be the sugar, on the particular cherry, on the icing around the cake. Ask me once more tomorrow and I'll likely inform you that I'll change out Griezmann regarding Aubameyang, so close were they within my consideration.

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