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  • walliswallis May 2016
    Why advertise in newspapers

    The trust and reliance readers place on newspapers have a hallow effect on advertising found Ray Ban outlet store within the medium. Research has shown consumers are not only open to press advertising, they rely on it as an essential shopping tool when making purchasing decisions.This view is reflected in international studies, including the Newspaper Association of America study,Consumers Act with Pressand The NMA UK research intoChristmas Retail Advertising.4. Newspapers Ray Ban outlet are a selective not intrusive mediumNewspaper advertising is a destination not a distraction for consumers.The chart below, taken from theCanadian Newspaper Association, shows that not do Canadians embrace newspapers, they also engage with the newspaper advertising. Compared with other media, Canadians want Ray Ban outlet newspaper advertising.Newspapers and their specialised sections provide a depth of information, stimulation and experiences for the reader. This also enables advertisers to reach relevant consumers in an appropriate mindset, where they be open and receptive to specific messages. For more information, download this presentation fromNew Zealand Newspaper Advertising Bureau. Nearly 40% of consumers are likely to act on information in newspapers and their websites regarding products and services, making newspapers the most responsive of all main media.Research conducted by the NMA UK found that the addition of newspapers to a campaign can increase brand bonding by up to 5 times, double brand involvement and double commitment. They found that newspapers were responsible for an average of 5%+ sales increase above TV driven sales, and in some cases, sales increased Ray Ban outlet online Ray Ban outlet stores by up to 26%. Find out more inNewspapers Today Part 1.6. Newspapers are an emotive mediumAs protagonists of truth and setting the news agenda, newspapers influence the knowledge and opinions of Australians, enhancing the collective consciousness. They have long recognised what society wants and needs to know. And were the first forum to voice these opinions. Inciting anger, invoking cheer and despair, newspapers stimulate emotion and encourage action.TheNMA UK neuroscience researchhas demonstrated the power of national newspapers advertising to drive a strong emotional response; in tests the emotional response to newspapers ads was stronger than response to the TV ads tested. Tracking of in market campaigns has reinforced this finding; 20 in market studies provided clear evidence of national newspapers strength in generating increased emotional identification.According toNewspapers Today Part 1, 90% of Australians pay full attention when they reading a newspaper compared with 50% for TV.Magazines also tend to be consumed free from distractions, but readers mental engagement and concentration are substantially lower than for press.Because consumers give newspapers their undivided attention and actively consume content, it the ideal environment for advertising messages to influence consumer behaviour, especially when it comes to deciding on brands. Refer toNewspapers Today Part 1for more information.The one to one relationship readers have with newspapers has often been described as being my space In this state of mind, consumers are more open to advertising messages.Short deadlines allow ads to run in a matter of days even within 24 hours. This makes newspapers a great environment for topical advertising, and perfect for brands that are market sensitive.

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