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  • spencerhastin609spencerhastin609 June 2016
    "There are individual smokers may live to 90 years of age, but this is a special case, not statistically representative of the medical information. Medical studies have shown that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer in smokers than non-smokers lung cancer incidence more than 10 times. "Qianfoshan hospital in Shandong Province Song Xiaoming, director of thoracic II said that in recent years, the number of lung cancer patients showing an upward trend overall, one on lung cancer statistics show that 2.2 million worldwide in 2012 patients with lung cancer the death toll of 1.1 million, showing a high lung cancer mortality. Good woman is always a good woman, and have nothing to do with smoking.Woman smoking may also have her reasons. Online Cigarettes A woman without a scar will not fall in love with the smell of smoke, such as no injured woman, will not fall in love with the wound. In the middle of smoke and tears, some women choose the former. According to reports, before the fragrance of mint, and now developed fruit flavors, such as apple and orange flavor. #dsfygsujHFYGguh606# From the content of tar, tar content except with prescribed standard. Besides, there are some manufacturers out of the "harmony" and "environmental protection" banner, claiming the tar content Newport Cigarettes Price of less smoke is small. There is no doubt, absolutely Marlboro tobacco how much is a case of newport cigarettes predators, its sales volume is sufficient to indicate any problems. Like pumping smoke outside friends Marlboro is certainly going to love, especially their favorite stickers Winnie Wan is Marlboro Gold Pack seen as the subject of local treasures. For a while, I do not like the smoke outside, whether it is local Longyan Wan Wan Hao worth mentioning, the Tobacco Free Wan Wan Hao worth mentioning, basically no love, it is estimated that when burley wire combustion inappropriate feel the impact of it.. It is very important for women to stay away Marlboro Gold from lung cancer, after all, only the early detection of lung cancer can increase the disease cure Marlboro Gold Pack disease. So, lung cancer will find women not only have a relationship with smoking cheap Marlboro cigarettes, Marlboro Cigarettes but also with some way of life there are links. Study found that if women often deal with smoke, it will have the risk of lung cancer. If the woman in the oral contraceptives, plus her smoking Cheap Cigarettes Online, it is very easy to suffer from cardiovascular disease, and with the growth of age, the risk will be higher. A solemn reminder: women over 35 years of age should stop using oral contraceptives. If this woman is pregnant, it must not smoke, because the chemical composition of tobacco will be transmitted to the fetus through blood vessels.

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