Prophet Adam(A.S)
  • ad4597ad4597 February 2017
    Adam is strongly believed to be the first human being and prophet of Allah Almighty on the face of this Earth, The Quran and hadith give the balanced information of the creation of Adam and Eve. According to verses of the Quran, when Allah told the angels that he was going to create a successor on Earth and then they make a question that the human would cause chaos, bloodshed, and damage, but it was obvious that Allah (SWT) knew what they did not. He created Adam from clay and clot of blood. Hadith also produced the same scenarios.
    With the creation of Prophet Adam (A.S), human beings have learned everything from the footsteps of Hazrat Adam (A.S). it’s obvious that He was the first one to learn the process of agriculture, food, cooking as well as the first to be told that how to repent upon mistakes and how to bury someone properly. Allah (SWT) has revealed restrictions on the various food items and knowledge of the alphabets to Adam. Adam was also created from the clay of this earth. And earth can produce all types of items as we see in the form of food materials or metals, minerals and much more. 
    With reference of prophethood, he was the first one who received the commandments of Allah Almighty. He received the sacred info through Allah in heavens and then he was descended towards earth due to a mistake that was happened in heavens and then Allah decided to put Adam and Eve on the earth face. Then there were children of Adam, as narrated at that time there were set of two children one is a baby boy and another one is baby girls and such the progeny of Adam was created. Allah showed Adam, all his progeny.
    The chain of Prophethood begins with Adam and end of the Last and beloved Prophet of Allah Almighty Muhammad peace be upon him. its narrated that between these scenarios Allah Almighty sent more than one hundred and twenty-five thousand Prophets on the face of the earth just give the concept of oneness of Allah and understand the reality of life and also sent for scriptures on the earth. As a Muslim and true believer, we should believe all those things that have been delivered to us through this long chain of Prophethood. We should try to accomplish all those things for which we created and one of them Hajj is the great source of forgiveness that Allah has granted to men.  Therefore, for your convenience, we brought best Umrah Packages for Muslims Community from Birmingham, England. So that we should be a part of this religious deed and your satisfaction.

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