The purpose of Life
  • ad4597ad4597 February 2017
    No one among us cannot deny the fact of life and death. It’s a deep knowledge to understand the purpose of life and death but a petty one to reject or deny this. If you ask questions to the people related to different religions as well as different parts of the world you will be amazed to see the answers. For some the purpose of life is a mental satisfaction through luxuries, some will say money is my honey, some will say we are just here for enjoyment and amusement. But you cannot satisfy yourself with these questions. Some religious personalities can deny this fact entirely and show you the other side of the coin.
    Some people are just inspiring themselves with just these lavishness of life Money, holidays, a beautiful wife? There circle of thinking is so much constrained. Let’s suppose If the purpose of life is to become wealthy and having beautiful wives then there would be no purpose after having these things. Have you ever think about this fact that the acquisition of wealth cannot be satisfactory for yourself ever? Have you ever seen a person satisfy, after having so much wealth and all the luxuries of life?  The lust of wealth cannot be covered through any means. Having a wealth will not make you happy and a peaceful mind. Because it’s the spiritual nature of man he would not be satisfied himself through the means of life, his needs cannot be meet ever. After being the wealthiest person in the world he will still have the desire to earn money and to rule the world.
    Having strong and right believes in your personality you can always feel strong rather you are wealthy or not. This life is going to end, it will not remain ever so if you will not collect some language for yourself then might be in losers and never find peace again in your life.
     For a disbeliever, the aim of this life is to have great wealth, power, and position. But these things are entirely reversed for the believer and he remains contented on what he has given he is always thankful to Allah for having less or more. He goes from this world with the feeling of good will and satisfaction and the rewards that have been promised to him by his creator. He always tries to repent and continuously busy him or herself in prayers avoiding the charms and wrong deeds. His main goal to achieve the satisfaction and to seek the forgiveness in the house of Allah with great devotion. And to achieve spiritual, physical and mental satisfactions we are providing Umrah Packages for Muslims Community from Leeds, England. This world is no more than any illusion that’s why we should never lose our hope from Allah. it will be a great satisfaction not only in this world but Hereafter.

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