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  • steven123steven123 April 2015

    China, Beijing (February 28, 2013) - processor generally use is high, Dezhou, NVIDIA, imitation Daydate MediaTek and so on processor, although many of them known as quad-core strongest, but compared with the processor boss, everything copy Datejust II is floating clouds. For example, the quad-core APQ8064, like a four round, flat on bicycles, in still can fake Santos run very fast, but if applied to or desktop computer, copy Uomini performance will replica watches undoubtedly be swiss replica rolex congenitally deficient. Intel even dual-core, swiss replica rolex also like a motorcycle, the four round of the bike again how fast than the two-wheeled motorcycle.

    ICONIA is a tablet computer by far the strongest performance, because the processor is used in the Intel I5-3337U, although only two, but the imitation hydroconquest v performance of flat computer has far exceeded the fale rolex general. Intel I5-3337U dual-core, four threads, frequency of 1.8GHz, support the turbo 2 technology, can Rui frequency to 2.7GHz, 3MB Intel Smart Cache, using 22nm technology, power consumption is only 17W. A strong performance at the replica rolex same time, also very power, no wonder W700 battery life of up to 9 hours. The

    macro? ICONIA core W700

    tablet computer processor replica breitling fusion is quite strong, HD4000 core graphics the biggest characteristic is not strong performance but hardware video transcoding, compared to the A card and N card, if 120 minutes video transcoding required 1 hours, then the HD4000 only need 20 minutes, quite amazing speed. Of course, for the replica rolex general online basic no problem, can run smoothly.

    4GB and 128GB SSD solid state disk also created capacity recording the tablet computer, generally flat for 64GB capacity, the capacity of the 128GB currently only and macro?. In addition, wireless, Bluetooth these replica watch nature is little not. The

    screen is the choice of W700 another fake Donne proud characteristics. Tablet computer in general is replica jules audemars the use of 1280x800 720P screen, and macro? ICONIA W700 should use full HD resolution screen of 11.6 replica Br-01-94 inches of 1920x1080, the benefits of better effect of 1080P video, picture of the performance is more delicate. Of course, flat computer indispensable and technology support, the 10 touch screen, and used Corelle scratch-resistant durable glass screen, no film can scratch. The

    macro? ICONIA W700 tablet computer (Bluetooth keyboard for the optional)

    I5 processor, HD4000 core, 4GB memory card, 128GB, 12 inch Full HD resolution screen, wireless, Bluetooth goods are available in all varieties. replica omega High performance of the plate, so pick is a high performance computer. Of course, you don't have to worry about because the system, provides the perfect fusion and computer to plate, so the pinnacle of, you don't replica rolex watches mind?

    on the Acer

    > macro?

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