I am looking at in the FIFA 18 Coins
  • mmogommogo March 2017

    breakup between gameplay specific code and rendering/input code. I've worked
    on FIFA Coins a large project which made this split after a multi-year development and
    while it was painful to implement once complete the teams velocity increased
    significantly.Unit TestingI spoke about unit testing in my last post and this is
    one of the major advantages of separation of gameplay. You can easily unit test
    the gameplay itself and have a suite of tests specific to making sure the
    gameplay is "correct". When


    tests deal only with gameplay they can be simpler and higher code coverage
    can be achieved.One area I am looking at in the FIFA 18 Coins future is formally turning the
    game design document into a suite of gameplay specific unit tests. The gameplay
    team have complete ownership over the gameplay code and the test suite that
    tests it.Future PlansThere are a few areas I plan to experiment with in the
    future that I haven't had the opportunity to yet. The first is solving the issue
    of duplicated data between


    gameplay and game engine. My thoughts on solving this problem are for the
    gameplay to have a reference to the game engine data structures where
    appropriate.For Unity3D, this would be as simple as including the
    UnityEngine.dll. Spatial data structures (Vector3, Quaternion, etc) can then be
    used directly in the gameplay. This breaks some of the abstraction between the
    gameplay and game engine, but if done sparingly, I think it will add a lot of
    value.Specific to Unity, I'm going to experiment with


    MonoBehaviour entities within the gameplay as well to see whether this works
    and how badly it breaks the abstraction.As I mentioned with Unit Tests, I'm
    going to look at ways of formalizing the game design itself into a suite of unit
    tests. I'd like to experiment with Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) to make this
    as simple a process as possible for game designers. A DSL would also let them
    speak in their own language.I've experimented with fluent game design in the
    past and this is another

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