Elevators from china elevator machine manufacturer are a remarkably safe means of transportation
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    Co-op boards are more likely to repair a leaking roof or paint the lobby than
    tackle an elevator from Elevator
     fujihd that needs to
    be upgraded. According to elevator expert Al Milo, president of Dunwell Elevator
    in Brooklyn, which does elevator maintenance, repairs, inspections and
    installations, this approach is like giving a patient a new hair-do when what he
    really needs is heart surgery. Similarly, buildings often choose to fix up the
    elevator cab while they put off the more urgent job of improving the brakes or
    electrical system.

    While elevators are extremely safe machines, with plenty of back-up
    mechanisms to prevent accidents, residential buildings must adhere to a regular
    maintenance and inspection schedule mandated by law and comply with a list of
    requirements that range from posting no smoking signs in elevators to reporting
    accidents to the New York City Department of Buildings. Substantial fines are
    levied for violations.


    The suspension last April of more than two-thirds of New York City's elevator
    inspectors following a corruption investigation (see box on page XX) may have
    created some unease about the safety of the city's elevators, but individuals
    knowledgeable about elevators say that, so far, there is little cause for
    concern. I don't think it's an issue, says Dick Koral, director of the Apartment
    House Institute of New York City Technical College. Elevators are actually the
    safest things in the world. They have a whole series of safety measures. It's
    almost impossible to defeat them. The worst thing you can be is stuck.

    Elevators must comply with the safety codes of the American National
    Standards Institute, which protect passengers from accidents. For example,
    passenger elevators must have steel doors to withstand fire. The door must close
    before the car moves, and it cannot be opened if the car stops between floors.
    If there are too many people in the elevator, the motor shuts off. A speed
    governor stops the car if it is going too fast. Also, the doors should not close
    if passengers are going in or out.

    Elevators are a remarkably safe means of transportation, says Marolyn
    Davenport, vice president for regulatory affairs at the Real Estate Board of New
    York. When you start looking at the kinds of serious accidents, the bulk are
    from some form of vandalism or kids riding them the wrong way. Yet elevators
    cannot be neglected, as was shown in the 1994 elevator crash in a 14th Street
    building occupied by the city's Human Resources Administration, which injured
    nine people. According to published reports, the building's elevators had
    experienced a lot of traffic, vandalism and maintenance problems.

    Keeping a residential building's china elevator machine manufacturer fujid elevator system in good working order takes
    constant vigilance. Jeff Toplitsky, director of property management at Pride
    Property Management in Manhattan, describes the building superintendent as the
    first line of defense in keeping an elevator running smoothly. When he visits
    buildings he manages, Toplitsky walks through the building and asks the staff
    about problems or complaints about the elevator service. A good staff person
    keeps a log of response calls and problems, says Toplitsky.

  • fujihdmanufacturerfujihdmanufacturer March 2017

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