The new details about the Jordan Hydro Slides
  • hx201314hx201314 April 2017
    New Jordans 2017
    features a White, Metallic Gold, Black and Varsity Red color
    combination. Paying tribute to the 1998 Chicago Bulls NBA Championship,
    they have the year 98 as well as an image of MJ taking ’The Last Shot’
    on the holograms. Completing the look, we have written on the inside of
    the tongue ’They Can’t Win’ and ‘Until We Quit’.In the treatment of
    shoelaces is used similar to the high-end shoes waxing shoelaces.
    We have previously reported Jordan Hydro Slides
    of the local physical map, but because too limited, there is not too
    much detail. And today, finally exposed the general appearance of its
    shoes, black smooth leather blessing, and the soles are also used with
    the upper color of the gray crystal base material, shoe body decoration
    at the end of the carbon fiber lines. Which is impressive considering
    that, for most of its lifetime, it was essentially a fictional sneaker.
    As you probably guessed after the title of Air Foamposite Pro Gym Green For Sale
    shoe leather shoe will be wholly white. The same color is also a huge
    inscription AIR on the side of the shoe. Other white accents include
    lacing or soles or tongues. Interesting here are the handles on the
    tongue and tongue as well as lacing, which have reflective accents.This
    is the second edition of this year (after the previous "Take Flight")
    this time we have a very subtle form of light gray and white.

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