Tunnel-Type Mesh Belt Sintering Furnace
  • SebahtstianSebahtstian May 2017


    Stable and balance temperature --- unique temperature control method;
    rational power distribution; highly stabilized and balanced temperature,
    ensure product drying quality for clients.

    efficiency and rational cost --- rational material selection;
    scientific computation plus rich experience; imported strong foam
    concrete blocks for chamber support; light ceramic fiberboard used as
    refractory materials for other usage, guarantee that its plant energy
    consumption is closest to actual energy consumption. This ensures to
    significantly reduce energy cost for clients.

    strong conformity --- selection of heating elements is in accordance
    with characteristics of sintering process and elements selected; heating
    elements are vacuum filtering shaped FEC ceramic fiber heaters

    Mesh belt sintering furnace

    MIM degreasing

    mobile phone back cover sintering

    Push sintering furnace

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