layer of high-density waterproof paint
  • liuyiliuyi May 2017
    coupled with itself is an aqueous coating, can form a thick protective film on the wall surface, it has a good waterproof performance. It is understood that multi-functional one of the latex paint is more popular, this type of latex paint on the packaging of the product will be detailed annotations and instructions.decking supplier in dubai

    Therefore, in the purchase of latex paint, we should carefully look at the instructions of the paint package to see if the latex paint has a better waterproof function. In addition, through other functions to determine the waterproofing effect of such latex paint, such as better waterproof performance of the wall latex paint are easy to scrub the characteristics of this waterproof formula with latex paint in the dry,deck and fence

    The surface of the natural formation of a layer of high-density waterproof paint, if the walls are dirt, as long as the use of water or a mild detergent, can very easily wipe the surface of the stains, and will not erase the film Itself, generally easier to clean the latex paint better waterproof performance.deck composite covering

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