the facial expression of Yue Peng sink
  • jlsalh21jlsalh21 June 2017
    eryone starts receiving bullet, urgent of running voice also spread to
    come in from the outside, Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi's three camps also
    finally arrive, seeing a number not only has no on the contrary many a
    good many of Jose Ramirez Authentic Jersey
    being littles, surprised way:"Text view, you this BE......."
    Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi immediately from after death pulled up a
    big fellow about 30 years old, the big fellow saw Yue Peng behind
    hurriedly obeisance way:"The Hang ambition once sees the tube take
    adult, we Hankow cruise city camp left ensign."
    Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi fears a Lonnie Chisenhall Authentic Jersey
    misunderstanding, hurriedly said affair 1 time, originally he comes
    back after big train station in the Zhi door, see is taking a brigade
    station the Hang ambition over there, 2 people is same village
    originally know, once the Hang ambition heard that Zhang Wen Jing Zi You
    Xi wants to overthrow Qing Dynasty, excitedly and immediately took a
    person join come in.
    Yue Peng knows that Zhang Wen Jing Zi Michael Brantley Authentic Jersey
    You Xi handles affairs a vegetable come steady heavy, now that is the
    person whom he recommends affirmative have several cents to hold, but
    affair still needs to say clearly, so vision a sweep newly arrived
    soldier:"Ugly words I say fore noodles, we 42 marks aren't other
    troopses, mark all adult to strictly request to orderany kimono from
    four words!What to speak is to make to go to forbid, even if and all
    before is a knife, have already orderanied blunt past you must also bite
    a tooth over!Have a problem?"
    "Is all right, the adult Trevor Bauer Authentic Jersey
    stops worrying, Zhang Guan of road who come's taking has already said
    with me, we early see the full Da son being getting wither a revolting
    feeling."The Hang ambition takes soldier to excitedly and hurriedly clap
    breast assurance.
    "That good, from now on was a brothers, everybody delivers 30 hair
    bullets first, then immediately sets out."The Yue Peng arrangement Hang
    the ambition and soldier after receiving the bullet immediately pulled
    Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi to nearby and cross-examined a way:"Is all
    "Trusting is an oneself brothers, absolutely all right."Zhang Wen
    Jing Zi You Xi after clapping the shoulder of Yue Peng asks a way:"To,
    adult how there?"
    "The one camp of He Xi Dai is striking against a man sun county city
    with cruise a city camp, the thunder is fierce to become to strike
    against the river of fort in Kuei-shan to defend a camp with newly
    arrived quarter Tyler Naquin Authentic Jersey
    blessing, the Su small tiger picked up cheapness, adult the weaving him
    temporary even wanted steel mills to take opportunity to wash for
    independent camp receiving arms and supplies factory, !"
    "The He Xi, quarter blessing becomes, Su small tiger.None of 3
    people is an adult Di to fasten, can he dares to also put power and
    really makes me admire."Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi after feeling deeply
    about an and then ask a way:"To, adult oneself?"
    "Have already gone Wu Chang Cheng."Once the facial expression of Yue
    Peng sink, Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi hears suddenly jump:"What!How can
    go to Hun water of Wu Chang Tang now?The Xiao Anne's country they at
    dry?Why not obstruct?"
    The Yue Peng is extremely also a misgiving after just hearing this
    news, however in his eyes, Yang Qiu is that kind of isn't that kind of
    recklessly of person, do delicacy to only have, he since insists going
    to Yan Gomes Authentic Jersey
    Wu Chang and necessarily has important event.
    "Adult, Hankow inside the city appeared people and bandit in great
    quantities and suddenly and violently, one brigade didn't begin first
    according to the order and sent a person to come back inquir

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