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  • mmogommogo June 2017
    10 years in the NBA 2K18 MT NBA. Especially with NBA offenses revolving more and more around
    the point guard position, Jennings' limitations may keep him from making it to
    All-Star Weekend, but he'll be among the better guards in the league, and an
    underrated entry into the point guard Game of Thrones that's emerging in the NBA
    right now. -- SharpPRADA: Jennings may have been the 37th-best player in the NBA
    in November of 2009, and that's mostly because of what happened on November 14
    of that month. Otherwise? There have been months where he wasn't even the
    137th-best player in the league. He's young, but what exactly has he done as an
    NBA player to justify a ranking anywhere close to this high?No, summer-league
    domination doesn't count.ZILLER: Here's my issue with Jennings: he can't score
    at the rim, at all. He improved his at-rim shooting percentage massively in 2011
    ... and still finished above only Luke Ridnour among starting point guards. Is
    he going to see another boost? That doesn't seem to be a skill young players
    improve much with time, not compared to Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins jump shot efficiency. If he can't find a
    way to do something good at the rim, teams will play him tight and make his
    jumpers tougher. It's hard to see him become a really good, efficient offensive
    player.SHARP: But he's fearless against even the best players in the league, and
    his athleticism makes him a weapon against any defender in the league. He's got
    plenty of limitations (shooting, finishing, consistency) that keep him out of
    the top 25, but his intangibles will put in the top 50 at least for the next few
    years.PRADA: What intangibles? You don't get two points or an assist for calling
    out LeBron James' hairline. You only get a bunch of nba18mt bloggers to laugh.We'll be
    back on Wednesday for nine more players.

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