It brings an unbelievable amount of mmogo
  • mmogommogo June 2017
    Who will be the first contestant to NBA Live Mobile Coins be summarily executed? Stay tuned to find
    out!Owning A Basketball Team Is Like Owning Art (Except During A Lockout)Want an
    example of why it's perfectly okay to blame the NBA lockout on the owners? Well
    let's look at Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. He's been described as one of the
    more hawkish owners in the lockout war, and one writer said he's willing to miss
    the entire season, and he's among a group of owners demanding guaranteed profits
    for the next ten years.And as noted by True Hoop, he once said this:To me, NBA
    franchises are like pieces of art. There are only 30 of them. They aren't always
    on the market, especially a franchise that would have been such a natural fit
    ... If you just looked at the Cavaliers in terms of MU Legend Online Zen revenues, profits and
    balance sheets -- and you paid this amount for it -- people would say "You're
    insane! You're nuts." But if you look at all the tentacles, the impact on our
    other venues, it makes tremendous sense.And there's more. This all comes from
    Brian Windhorst and Terry Pluto's 2005 book, The Franchise:"We have now opened a
    Cleveland office [of Quicken Loans] and that's tremendously successful. Our
    employees love it that we're associated with the Cavs and can come to games --
    that helps us attract and keep better people. There are a lot of non-profit
    things that can be done with pro sports. It brings an unbelievable amount of 
    mmogo excitement." In other words, in 2005, Dan Gilbert justified his losses on the
    Cavs by explaining how many other revenue streams the franchise had created for
    him. Like his Cleveland branch of Quicken Loans.

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