Fights to the ball tend to be organic there aren’t any canned animations
  • annamartinezcoannamartinezco September 2016
    Both games contain career modes for manager and player. For the manager career mode, I did see some differences and weaknesses both in for Fifa 17 PS4 Coins. As far as FIFA 16 can be involved, very little has changed within the last few years. Sure, the sport gives you a brand new training mode nonetheless it seems to be just more busy work. PES 2016 offers you a training mode nevertheless it’s automated with constant updates about your players as opposed to tons of micromanaging in FIFA 16.

    In PES 2016’s manager mode, you have access to constant news and updates in a very more friendly fashion compared to FIFA’s dull style. Plus, transfer rumors constantly appear from nowhere, that has been a welcoming feature. What’s a lot better is that you get monthly in-depth reports as to what is and isn’t using the services of your team. PES 2016 really enables you to feel “managerial.”

    However, there are several downsides to each. Most occur through the transfer window. In FIFA 16, you've to do many your own A player has got the option to simulate sessions or play them out homework to determine where you are weakest, and scout accordingly. You get almost no input from players or scouts concerning the move being made, thus it either works or it doesn’t. While you still get a countdown on deadline day, I had a significant glitch that occurred that saw me develop a move on manufactured after deadline day. Not only was the cash missing, however the player didn’t get used me. That needs to be fixed.

    With FIFA 16, EA Sports did indeed fix a number of the weird AI glitches that plagued the demo. The defense does seem sharper against strikers entering their final third. It takes more discipline to learn defense with this version. If you aren’t careful, strikers will blow by you. Still, I feel that from time to time you can nevertheless be severely punished for missed tackles. Offensively speaking, I found myself working harder to create shots. And once you jump ahead, the PC’s AI will noticeably adjust almost to the point of over-aggressiveness. Occasionally you can find issues with players standing flatfooted when there’s a loose ball within the box. But overall, EA Sports has improved incidents when defenders must capitalize on a loose ball especially after missed shots.

    The greatest strength of PES 2016 is about the pitch. It is like a more realistic game. The game’s AI doesn’t require micro-management and constant switching. And in fact, I feel much like the AI plays well throughout the action. PES doesn’t require any new stick movement or button Keepers move around in manners that will make more sense tactically presses. It requires players to get a sound tactical mind. As always, when creating a shot, it feels more accomplished. Even getting lucky and punishing your opponent occasionally feels great as it’s rare (depending within the team naturally) that this AI makes really silly mistakes. Fights with the ball will be more organic high aren’t any canned animations. Players aren’t going to win the ball in a few aerial duels and slide tackles. Plus the overall game gets more unpredictable when watching a gaggle of players follow a 50/50 ball. At times, however, I do believe PES 2016 does usually overlook obvious fouls and yellow cards.

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