commander body is in Hubei
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    nation domestic affairs minister and support adult Tang's serving as
    navy to always grow, if you have an other to request to also put
    The soup Xiang Ming didn't Tony Oliva Authentic Jersey
    stretch hand, he was a power desire very strong, can to money but isn't
    very bent on, so was inclined eye check to say:"Is brothers piece
    playing trick?You think only a Yang-tze River, can satisfy navy?Besides
    brothers I also have no way persuasion those Fukien guys."
    He didn't say leave words, arrived after the sun Luo him to receive a
    Li dollar the Hong and soup turns the plan of dragon anti- letter,
    although he is a chief of staff can be in fact out of the run in the
    navy, first not say those hands to hold the warship of solid power long,
    only ice in the Sa town is good enough to promise in prestige in the
    navy as long as he doesn't nod, any anyway Torii Hunter Authentic Jersey
    the behavior will be strangled, even if ice in the Sa town already
    obviously express don't want to beat of the will be also not likely to
    would like to hand over to in the province of an inland the navy, so
    this money not accept.
    Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi once hears navy Fukien helps to embrace the
    affair that the regiment discriminates against outsider, Yang Qiu go to
    front the night before last once gave an account this kind of Trevor Plouffe Authentic Jersey
    affair and immediately said:"Though the adult trusts, my house's
    commander body is in Hubei, distance go out to sea far!Besides we also
    keep flowing water teacher not, the brotherses just want to temporarily
    use navy big gun and wait until to fire away this battle, don't say that
    the navy wants to return thing to owner intact to hand over to soup
    adult, even if we now these three warships of hand, also want to render
    unto together."
    The soup turns a Addison Reed Authentic Jersey
    dragon beside and most urgently, Sun Wu is strong behind he have
    already obviously accepted to discriminate against, so would not like to
    pass the deepen and Yang Qiu relate to of opportunity, besides Zhang
    Wen Jing Zi You Xi says also quite goodly, Yangtze River inside although
    can also walk navy warship, after all isn't a long-last matter, Yang
    Qiu again badly also impossibly and overnight develop river Zhe, the
    navy isn't army again, there is piece stopping for a rest ground become,
    not only need money to hit into, but also need supports, such as base
    and dockyard...etc., have no these thing how also is not likely to Alejandro De Aza Authentic Jersey
    control navy, so immediately persuade a way:"The Zhu is new, now life
    and death alive or dead in Hubei, the this matter Li Du is also very
    hasty, you see."
    Soup Xiang Ming that doesn't know Hubei becomes critical, don't see
    martial to win a pass to beat noisily, once the pass breaks a filial
    piety is play to guard don't live, led filial piety navy and then can
    provide the whole distance the thermodynamic power support, so wanted to
    think, asked a way:"My most can control a few warships and leave."
    "As long as the adult can let an our brotherses last warship."
    "Should never Asdrubal Cabrera Authentic Jersey
    attempt to!"The soup Xiang Ming immediately stood, all of navies were
    person's controls in Fukien, peacetime extremely line up an outside,
    once the outsider ascends a warship if ask for what bleed affairs,
    affirmative to his future disadvantageous, so immediately brush-off
    way:"Navy unlike army, once ascending a warship form to together pay
    Xie, besides Sa control is still on the warship, if he!"
    "The soup adult misunderstood, my house's commander how may harm the
    life of navy brothers and Sa control, our preparation."Zhang Wen Jing
    Zi You Xi suddenly enlarged voice after saying 1 time of the ways of
    control n
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